Lea Stein Jewellery

Lea Stein is the most famous designer of collectable plastic jewellery this century. Choose from a lovely selection here on the Decolish Store.   

Her designs are in demand all over the world. With her husband Fernand Steinberger, they created a totally original way of treating laminated cellulose acetate sheets to create unusual multi-coloured brooches, rings, bangles and earrings in whimsical and geometric shapes. 

Lea Stein focused on the animal world for her inspiration as well as the Art Deco geometric patterns.  Her work began in the 1960s, and after a break of some years, continues today. 

Most pieces are characterised by a V shaped clasp signed Lea Stein Paris.  But some of the early designs had the clasp without signature and some were unsigned. 

Read more about Lea Stein on the Decolish website. 

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Enjoy collecting!