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I'm Lesley, owner of Decolish.com which is a website about Art Deco, Bakelite and everything vintage and chic!  This is my store.  I've been selling on Ebay since 2009 with a 100% feedback rating, and Decolish has a real shop at Mittagong Antiques Centre, NSW, Australia.  Do drop in and see me there. 

Since I've been dealing in Bakelite for many years, I have sadly come to realise that a lot of Bakelite jewelry is unaffordable for many now (including me!).  A Bakelite brooch can now cost up to $600 or more.  Recently I have discovered Erstwilder plastic jewelry by Louisa Camille.   They are in the tradition of Lea Stein, Shultz, Maria Pavone and others, and I think would have been very popular in the Art Deco era if they'd been made then. 

Made in Melbourne, Australia, Erstwilder brooches, necklaces and earrings are quirky and fun, and highly collectable.  Each design is made in a limited edition of 200 - 300 pieces, so you won't see them all over the place.  They are only sold through a small number of exclusive boutiques and websites such as this one.  So start collecting now, and build up a collection that could be worth a small fortune in a few years. 

I'm still going to be dealing in fabulous Bakelite jewelry too, and more items will be added all the time. 

Also, check out all the articles about Bakelite Jewelry and Erstwilder at www.decolish.com

Looking forward to meeting you in cyberspace and sharing our passions!


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